Wednesday, September 08, 2021

CoViD-19: Deaths 'Could Be Avoided' |San Diego Reports 218 Active Outbreaks | Biden Admin Addresses Food Costs | #LearnFromHistory | Vote NO On California Recall |


Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (Taken 8.17.20)

I know that I'm not exactly a tolerant person for other points of views. I don't have a lot of sympathy for anti-vaxxers who get sick because they are the very reason we're still in this mess. I don't support businesses who have flouted COVID-19 protocols and guidance, even when it sucked. I would love to see The Village shudder its doors and that stupid wench who owns it can go f herself. 

All this doesn't mean that I don't take issue with some of the things we're being told. Like aerosol scientists were sounding the alarms that COVID is airborne right away and we could've spared ourselves the theatre of putting plexi-glass around everything or wiping down groceries. Or I get that they didn't want to see a run on PPE, but maybe we don't need to condemn everything China does and could've followed their lead with masking. And I also get that the COVIDiots and their Ivermectin is funny to mock as taking horse paste or livestock dewormer, but it takes away from the fact that (a), it is FDA approved for certain uses for humans, and (b) it was actually studied as a possible intervention though those studies were cut short because they quickly showed no improvement in patients that outweighed the side effects. Like sure, take something in such high doses that it cures the disease while ending the function of your essential organs.

At my parents' house yesterday, my dad was making a point about what bullshit it is that celebrities and politicians have easy access to monoclonal antibodies. And while he's right, the reality is that we all have access to monoclonal antibodies for free should we test positive for COVID. The actual problem we should really focus on is that those celebrities and politicians are getting tested DAILY so they would know right away if they were positive which means their monoclonal antibody treatments would happen sooner, before illness can even set in. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to really plan ahead just to get a test, subject ourselves to long lines among people who likely think they're positive for COVID, and then wait for the tests to process. 

Yesterday Nova was experiencing a fever and it was already 6pm and there was no place to take her for a test. The appointment systems suck ass and the walk-up sites aren't open late enough for working people or students. So we just had to wait it out. We were going to skip my dad's birthday altogether. But then as we waited and talked through it, she wasn't feeling sick and we realized she had been playing piano in her room, so she had shut off her air conditioner at the hottest part of the day in the hottest room in the house in the hottest corner of the room. After having some water and sitting in a cooler room, the "fever" was gone. But the point remains: why haven't we gotten rapid antigen tests to everyone as a precaution, and knowing they're not as reliable as PCR, have the PCR tests more widely available to everyone everywhere at all hours of the day? I'm hoping that part of Biden's six-point plan that he's rolling out tomorrow addresses this, because if not, we're going to be in this hell through another holiday surge, then a spring surge, and then another summer through infinity.      

I haven't quite worked throurh all my email so I'll have another post forthcoming, but wanted to get this out. And I know sometimes I try to correlate my photo of the day with the content of the post, I'm still on the dinosaur Dell, so I don't have easy access to my current photos. The good news is I think I get my other laptop back tomorrow. I can't wait!!

Stay safe out there!!

Even though Newsom looks like a hostage in this photo,
please vote NO on the recall.

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