Monday, September 06, 2021

Labor Day | US Surpasses 40 Million Known COVID Cases | Clock Is Ticking: Vote No On California Recall |


(Taken 8.31.21)

I'm really going to try to handle my business tomorrow. My laptop is bricking on me and won't charge beyond 46% so I'm probably going to have to order a new one so that I can take this one somewhere to get a new battery and get the charging port reinstalled. I guess I also have to call ATT and get a new phone because not being able to take or post photos is kinda inhibiting my actual job. So frustrating. 

But I do have to admit, that the laptop situation kinda makes me focus a little more on getting a post up and then walking away. I finished watching Clickbait on Netflix and midway through I was irritated that the killer was so obvious and then the big reveal was shocking. Definitely didn't see it coming, so now I'm glad I watched. 

I went down a twitter rabbit hole today about Dr. Fauci. People are seriously insane. But even doctors and public health people seem to think he's really missing on his masking messaging, but if you have to think that he's just trying to get universal masking compliance, his "any mask will do" philosophy may be right, even though all the infectious disease and aerosol scientists are saying that cloth is definitely not enough, especially in indoor settings like schools. But man, try reading and not commenting, because you'll find they're mostly bots with 0 followers anyway.  

I also went down a rabbit hole about the Murdaugh family of South Carolina. Holy shit. I included a link below but you should also specifically look for the podcast called Murdaugh Murders by Mandy Matney. Such a crazy was shot two days ago, but will survive. Mom and Son were killed 6 months. Son was going to go on trial for 3 felonies related to the death of Mallory Beach while he was drunk driving a boat that crashed. Then that unravels that the dad had already settled a wrongful death suit for his housekeeper falling and dying from her injuries. Then it resurrected a cold-case of a gay kid who may have had a relationship with the older son. And literally every investigation is compromised because the family basically is the law there. Intriguing and gross. Worth a read/listen. 

Stay safe out there. The election is a week away. Drop off, mail in, or vote in person asap!!


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