Tuesday, September 14, 2021

CoViD-19: Kid COVID Concerns | Governor Newsom Remains: Californians Soundly Said NO On The Recall | California 4th Happiest State In US | First Arrest Warrants On Murdaugh Murders Saga |


Peek-A-Boo with young mandrill (Taken 9.13.21)

What a relief. I hate polls and I'm so sick of pundits and I'm so tired of all of this both-sidesism bullshit. Governor Newsom soundly defeated the recall, but the news gave his win about a minute-30 and then proceeded to give the next 9 minutes to all of the losers. I watch NBC San Diego, and they're like the least biased of them all, and yet... they followed up by doing a story about the City Council voted to ban ghost gun parts...which passed with an 8-1 vote...and then the story interviewed a gun shop owner, in Oceanside which isn't even in San Diego mind you, and chose not to interview a single person who supports the ban, even though we far outnumber the ammosexuals. Another newscaster from a different channel-- while everyone on twitter is talking about the election results--felt that was a good time to post an article about California leading the country in poverty, without giving any context that the number went down during the pandemic, that the index is based on high housing costs, and a ton of other factors, some of which are not solvable regardless of who the governor is. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when Governor Newsom can have a signing party for all the bills that are waiting on his desk that might make the losers' heads explode. 

I'm gonna call it a night because it was such a long day on pins and needles, but I should've had a little more faith in my fellow Californians. Thank you to everyone who showed up. 

Stay safe out there.  

Thank you, Governor Newsom.

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