Wednesday, September 22, 2021

CoViD-19: Old VOI & VOC = VBM | FDA Approves Booster For Limited Populations | Governor Newsom Signs Loads Of New Legislation | Humanitarian Crises Abound Worldwide | Photos #WorldRhinoDay


World Rhino Day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 9.22.21)

I woke up with such anxiety today and I'm not really sure why, but my best cure for it is to try to zip through my email, deleting the junk and focusing on the ones that warrant a response and holding the rest for later while I escape the house. 

Darren and I went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park because it is World Rhino Day and also the new rhino baby is a month old. On their social media, the Safari Park announced the contenders for Kianga's calf: Kamaria (beautiful like the moonlight in Swahili) and Kifaru (means Rhino in Swahili). Obviously Kamaria is the better name. When we arrived, Kianga and her babe were on the far hillside, but one year olds Alice and Mwezi were playing in the lower valley and eventually rejoined their moms and one pair came up to Kilima Point. The Safari Park used to be a little more generous and basically you had about an hour after closing time to make your way to the exit, but it seems they've been a little more aggressive about clearing the park which is unfortunate because they now close at 5 and the animals don't seem to really get active until the sun drops right around that time. Still, I felt pretty lucky that one of the mama/baby pairs came up to say hi before we had to leave, though I can't really tell Holly and Mwezi from Casey and Alice most of the time.

News is crazy per always. The FDA approved boosters for limited groups, though not that limited because smokers and medically obese people qualify along with immunocompromised and 65+, so that's easily more than 50% of the population. Pfizer people should keep an eye out for that rollout in the coming weeks and months. There's all kinds of stuff going on with Congress and the Senate and the UN and the Biden Administration trying to cleanup decades of inherited disasters but I have this small inkling that they may go nuclear to pass the two major packages because the majority of Americans want the government to start working for the people and not the corporations and lobbyists and billionaire class. But it's not really worth watching "how the sausage is made" because it is so incredibly frustrating. I'm just hoping the church on my street is successful in relocating some refugees from Haiti because (selfishly) we have a ton of stuff to donate to clear space in the speakeasy and (altruistically) because the church was very helpful for people after that earthquake a few years back. I also just love having new diversity to the neighborhood and hopefully can volunteer or help if they do in fact bring some people from Texas. 

Numbers are looking good, vaccinations are up among younger people, hospitalizations are going down, all point to good news for now. Stay diligent and be safe out there. 


Some of these photos are from 9.22.21 

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