Sunday, September 12, 2021

CoViD-19: At Home Testing Ramps Up | Vaccine Pressure Is A Gesture of Love | Vote NO On California Recall | Serval On The Loose in San Diego |


One of the Servals at the San Diego Zoo (Taken 9.12.21)

After my post yesterday, I heard from yet another friend who got a breakthrough case of COVID-19. He said he got it after the Hella Mega Tour at Petco Park and was notified through the California Notify app, which I guess it's good to know that's still working. Ideally if we shift to more available rapid tests, people will still self-attest and report on the app while also isolating. My friend says he wasn't super sick but it also doesn't make me wanna rush out and put myself in a crowded concert situation. At least when I'm at the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park I can be constantly moving, only near other people in short passing. 

So that's what I did today. Darren had gone on a bike ride with a friend, Nova was cocooning in her room, so I went to the Zoo alone and took my sweet ass time meandering through the park. After a couple hours, I caught the last Kangaroo Bus at the bottom and intended to Skyfari back to the front, but it was stopped. I don't mind heights but I certainly wouldn't wanna be stuck on the Skyfari for 10 or 20 minutes and not moving. Eventually it started up again, but I think they were manually cranking the cable in because it was a long and slow process. Meanwhile, I opted for the long way out through Elephant Odyssey, around Kopje Canyon, past the koalas, and toward the exit. If our local meteorologists are accurate, it is supposed to cool down this week, so maybe I'll head up to San Diego Zoo Safari Park for another little adventure. 

And speaking of adventure, there's a serval on the loose in North County. Apparently it was someone's pet and she died so her daughter was watching it but it escaped. Servals are NOT pets but they're cross-bred with domestic cats as a type of vanity pet and it is not good. But it sounds like if he is caught, they understand he'll be taken to a sanctuary or more appropriate place, so hopefully they can wrangle him before he's hit by a car or some other tragic end.

I'm kinda skipping out on general news today. Sundays feel like just a recap of all the  shootings and hit-and-runs and sideshows and carjackings and all the other nonsense that happens across the country on Saturday nights when an entire population is completely out of fucks to give. The rest of the news is just more reflections on 9/11 and the recall election so I don't need to further cover either here. You know where I stand on the latter. 

Stay safe out there. 

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