Wednesday, September 01, 2021

CoViD-19: Time For Better Masks | SD Reaches 75% Talking Mu | Labor Day Weekend: Not The Time For Travel | State Parks Closed | Texas Taliban | New York First Ever Flash Floods |


Momma Kianga and Baby Rhino (9 Days Old In Photo) at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
(Taken 8.31.21)

I can't really talk about what happened in Texas because I've read The Handmaid's Tale, I've heard stories about what some middle east countries were like before they became ruled by religious extremists, and I can't really think about it too hard or it makes my head explode and leads to this depressing rabbit hole of "how did we get here??" which includes other questions like how did TFG become president, how did we not reform the Supreme Court after the 2000 election, how have we let nutjobs define the narrative, how have we let the gun nuts and racists and billionaires run rampant on the country? It's too much. 

I guess all I can really say is we cannot let that happen to California. You have to vote no on the California recall, and we have to do it loud and resoundingly and with no question about the result. 

Beyond that, it was a low key day. Went to the San Diego Zoo to enjoy the late summer nights before they go back to regular hours after Labor Day. I'm really gonna miss the late night walks but I guess I'll be putting La Jolla Cove back into my evening rotation. Remember that we live in a beautiful city and a beautiful state, try and keep it low key and local this weekend. State parks are closed due to fire danger, the CDC is recommending no travel, regardless of vax status, and Jeff just sent me a link that Neko spite of requiring vaccination and testing for patrons at their shows, have canceled their tour because someone in their touring party tested positive for COVID. What was safer and lower risk before isn't really at the moment. 

Stay safe out there. 

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