Friday, September 24, 2021

CoViD-19: In Schools, Masks Work | CA Rolls Out Pfizer Boosters | Mayorkas & Psaki Are Sick Of Bullshit Faux Outrage: Biden Admin Gettin' Shit Done | Newsom's Pen Has Been Busy |

Jaguar at San Diego Zoo (Taken 9.24.21)

What a day. I was up all night. Partially because I didn't finish working until super late and then I finished Modern Love on Amazon, played with the kittens, watched some rando stuff on YouTube and then went to bed though then I just scrolled through my phone and I got sucked into a variation of this article:

Costco confirms it's limiting toilet paper and water purchases, as customers start to stockpile amid the spread of the Delta variant - Yahoo News! (9.24.21)

Of course it sent me into a prepper spiral, trying to do a mental inventory of what we have, what we need, and reiterating what i've been saying for weeks (months?) now...Christmas is Canceled. So I went online and made an order. And then I went on another site but I abandoned my cart because, I mean, it's not like I'm sitting here with unlimited funds. And to be fair, a Costco order isn't out of the ordinary for me, it just felt a little more urgent. Still, I finally let myself fall asleep after the sun was up, my kittens were all settled on the catio, and Nova was off to school. 

When I did finally awake, I was so happy to experience the amazing storm that passed through. Lightning, thunder, hail, and then enduring, pouring rain. Naturally it made me want to go to the San Diego Zoo. We let it settle a bit and once Nova was home, went for the closing hour. It was so nice and empty, although many of the drains were backed up, so there was sitting water at the entrance to Elephant Odyssey, over by the Tapirs, and at the Hippos as well as other spots. We had waterproof shoes so not a big deal, but some tourists, all in brand new white shoes had to make a choice. I suggested they just take off their shoes and they decided that was the best way through. 

This story takes a turn, however. My sister called while we were at the Zoo and told me my dad was being taken to the hospital again. He can only be transported by paramedics and was taken to Kaiser Clairemont, which apparently now has a no visitor policy (I've attached it at the bottom of this post). I've not been forgiving in the slightest to anyone who was anti-mask and then anti-vax and once again, I'm pissed and enraged. The selfishness that has driven this pandemic as long as it has gone is affecting care for non-COVID patients. So now my dad is sitting in a hospital by himself, in a room that isn't appropriate for his care, without my mom who has been by his side for 51 years. And I'm pissed and I'm scared and I'm not ready to lose my dad. And I have no idea what comes next, but any shred of sympathy for anyone who got sick after being eligible for a vaccine and choosing not to get it is very very long gone. 

I know I post a lot of links, but the graphics on today's MMWRs are illuminating. And you should 100% watch the Jen Psaki/Sec Mayorkas press briefing today. They were not taking any of Doocy's false narratives or fake outrage bullshit, nor anyone who spent the entire week focusing on this "humanitarian crisis" and who conveniently leave out details to their reporting like requirements for claims of asylum, like the difference between evacuees from Afghanistan and 'irregular migration' at the border, and for anyone who would like to oversimplify all of it and ignore that this is a decades long problem that needs congressional action. 
There are a lot of Republicans out there giving speeches about how outraged they are about the situation at the border, not many who are putting forward solutions or steps that we could take. So, we’re a little tired of the speeches. We’d like to partner on solutions and working together to address this problem that has not been partisan in the past. - Jen Psaki (9.24.21)

Psaki is a badass. 

Stay safe out there. 

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