Wednesday, September 15, 2021

CoViD-19: 1 in 500 Americans Died Of COVID-19 | US Reports 2000 Daily Deaths | Newsom Win Gets Late Night Treatment | Sexually Abused US Gymnasts Testify At Judiciary Committee |

Kianga and her calf born 8.22.21 at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 9.15.21)

I woke up in such a good mood. The recall is behind us, SD Bytes called to tell me my other laptop will be good as new in a few days, and it was the first day we didn't have to blast the air conditioner around the house. I had a productive morning, partially did listings, got some Casbah work done, caught some news and media briefings. But then I watched the US gymnasts opening statements at the judiciary committee and it just made me so sick about what was allowed to happen to these women when they children. It's a tough watch but worth the watch nonetheless. 

So after getting most of my work behind me, I convinced Darren to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. They're only open until 5 right now, but getting there around 3:30 was plenty of time to walk around and then spend about an hour at Kilima Point where it was pure magic. First time mom Kianga was sharing her as yet unnamed calf. There's this thing that animals do...and maybe I'm imagining it because I'm certainly not a zoologist...but new moms will kind of 'present' their babies. The giraffes, okapi, tapir and others will kind of protect their babies from view from the public when they're brand new, but at some point they let go a little and show them off. I didn't realize that Kianga is an older daughter of Casey, who gave birth to Alice last year, but that means that I've been taking pics of her since she was little, too. It just felt like pure magic for her to nudge her calf over closer to where I was with the docent, and the calf let us know she saw us and was being super cute and playful, challenging us and then trotting away, only to come back. Puppies and kittens do the same thing. I watched them for quite some time until the "The Safari Park Is Now Closed" recording seemed a little more insistent and we were on our way. 

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park isn't a close drive, but if you take the HOV lane and exit at Del Lago, it isn't usually too bad. Weekdays are nice and empty with lots of space for social distancing and getting in your steps or just sitting by the lagoon or the Watering Hole and taking in the sights. I kinda can't wait to go back. 

As for news, I'll let the headlines speak for themselves, but LA County is expanding vax requirements for all staff and patrons of indoor bars, restaurants, venues, etc, similar to what San Francisco did. It feels like our numbers are trending down, but I had a feeling more measures would come down once the recall was behind us. I welcome them all. 

Stay safe out there.      

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