Monday, September 27, 2021

CoViD-19: Media Can't Stop Both-Sidesing Vaccination Mandates | SDUSD Vaccination Roadmap Up For a Tuesday Vote | Media Crying About Biden's Diss |


Toby the Okapi, b. March 2021 (Taken 9.27.21)

I'm over an hour late on today's post but I went to the San Diego Zoo this afternoon and then we got Minh Ky for my pre-birthday dinner, then my friend Jeff came over bearing amazing gifts and then me and Darren and Nova got into the latest episode of Below Deck Med and one thing after another and so here we are. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing for my actual birthday, but hopefully the day is as nice as today was. There will be cake, I can tell you that. And bonus good news is that my dad is home from the hospital, though I don't know that he's in any better shape than when he went in, I think he just whined enough that they sent him home. It's not a nice way to talk about it, but there really isn't much the doctors can do to make him feel even slightly better. I know at least he's happier at home and my mom will continue to tend to his every itch and ouch more than they did at the hospital. 

Because it's my birthday, I'm gonna just cut this off and call it a night. Jen Psaki was on fire today and she takes no shit from the media jackals. Tuesday will be a day to grab the popcorn as the loud and dangerous minority of anti-vaxxers try to get San Diego Unified to vote against vaccine mandates. They're not gonna win, but they'll certainly drag the meeting out all night long and I wouldn't doubt if there is some violence and/or arrests because they're planning on showing up to the the district offices despite the meeting being held virtually via Zoom. It'll be like our own mini January 6. I'm sure the Board will do the right thing, especially when you look at the snapshot of staff and students in isolation or quarantine.  

I'll try to get to listings tomorrow, but don't be shocked if they're not posted until Wednesday. 

Stay safe out there. 

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