Friday, September 24, 2021

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Friday is Save The Koala Day (Taken 3.19.21)

It was a pretty nice day around San Diego. I got some work done by day and by afternoon Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo long enough to walk to do a lap then had lunch at the Treehouse before he left to handle dad business like getting Nova to derby while I stayed and wandered around with my camera. I'm glad a I took advantage of summer hours as much as I did because 6pm closing feels so early, especially when a lot of the animals go in even before then. I still wish there was a little alert system, like maybe an interactive app, that maybe has the animals and like a little green light if they're still out or a red light if they're back in their apartments. That way I wouldn't have to do the out-of-way laps for like, the bonobos or gorillas or mandrills if I know they're already in for the night. I guess it is true for all the primate and primate-adjacent animals.  

Because my route was so extensive, I made sure to hit the Skyfari before 6 to get to the exit and my little rendezvous came to an end. Of course I get home and just do work, which is why this post is so late. The weekend is coming and since my birthday is right around the corner I considered a little party, but I just don't think the speakeasy is presentable enough for guests. Still, I'm looking forward to a chill pre-birthday weekend. 

COVID numbers are a little hard to read right now because reporting around the country and even locally has been inconsistent, but if you look at the California graph, it's looking good, at least for vaccinated people. I didn't bother posting all the stuff about boosters today, I'd rather wait until the full CDC announce comes out and CDPH addresses their implementation. I did appreciate that someone finally wrote an article debunking the notion that vaccinated people are 'just as likely' to spread COVID because the science was pointing at high viral loads but for a shorter period of time and less likely to get it in the first place, but nobody was really getting that message across.  

And for fun, most of my blog comments are from spammers trying to add links to my site. But this one is a gem in response to something I wrote about fake religious exemptions for masking and vaccinations.  "No, my EQUAL right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the fact that I will knock you the f out if you try to inject me with anything, is a valid exemption, along with my ar 15. Suck a fat one Fatass liberal douchebag" That is a very happy person who is super content with their life. 

Stay safe out there. 

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