Wednesday, September 29, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Deaths 97.88% Unvaccinated | "Vaccination...An Extension Of Black Lives Matter" | Senate Obstructionists OK With Tanking US | Safari Park Rhino Gets A Name | Bird Protections Reinstated |


Kianga and baby Kamaria at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 9.15.21)

It's nearly 3am (I had to backdate this entry to keep my posts straight) and I finally got through all my stuff, so now I'm watching my Bravo trash TV and ready to go to bed because I'm wiped. My dad is back in the hospital because he feels even worse than when he went in last week and he understands that he needs to be a better patient and when they tell him he needs the CPAP machine, to do what he is told. The alternative is, quite literally, death. It's nerve-wracking to think that Kaiser nurses are planning on going on strike.  

We had a good day going to the soft opening of Dave's Hot Chicken in my old stomping grounds of Mira Mesa. I lived in the area during college at USIU, so it's always crazy to see how busy and built-out the area has gotten. The food was awesome and I guess I have to say that it was comped, but the milkshakes are bomb, the mac n cheese looks like it isn't cheesy enough but when you dig in it is absolutely delicious, and the chicken was great. I got hot and was practically crying so I can't imagine extra hot or reaper. We each got a combo: Nova got the 2 tenders, I got the 2 sliders, and Darren got the 1 slider + 1 tender dinner. I'd probably go with just the tenders next time since I mostly fork and knifed by dinner, and honestly we could probably just split one entree by adding an extra tender or two. It's right off the freeway by the Home Depot, so I imagine we may incorporate it into our post San Diego Zoo Safari Park dinner rotation. And speaking of Safari Park, Kianga's little nugget has a name: Kamaria. I'm going to try to see her on Thursday but we'll see how much sleep I get and how much work the morning brings. 

Maybe it would be best to dodge the news though because what is happening in the Senate and Congress is disgraceful. Sinema and Manchin are as crooked as their "friends across the aisle" and I hope they are held to account when this is all over, whatever the outcomes may be on the debt limit, the infrastructure bill, and reconciliation.  

If you read only one of my links today, make it the piece by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. So good. 

Stay safe out there.  

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