Friday, September 10, 2021

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Red Panda Chillin With His Misters (Taken 9.10.21)

It's Friday night so I'm gonna keep it short again tonight. I got my computer back today and dropped off the dinosaur to get a new battery and charging port for that one, too. And since I have my laptop back I can unload my old phone and send it in and hopefully not have any electronics problems again for a long while. We bought a case right away since the new one is one of those curved glass S9s so I got that yesterday, too. Now if only the literal pain in my neck would go away...a thing that happens when my anxiety goes through the roof. 

In an attempt to chill, Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours while Nova was at school. We spent some time with the mandrills, but now the older boy just piddles his diddly when he sees me so maybe I don't wanna be like the Belgian chimp lady. I think the mama is preggers again so maybe he's reaching maturity to be sent somewhere else to mate soon. We also spent a lot of time in the aviaries, which we tend to do when it is crowded, and now that the hours are back to normal, it is definitely more crowded. It's also funny how many people we helped with directions today. The zoo map is very confusing and looks like a game of Chutes and Ladders and definitely doesn't give a sense of all the hills or stairs in the park, so I was happy to oblige. 

We had to cut the visit short to pick up the laptop in Mission Valley and it is sad that it makes me feel complete, but it does. By the way, if you need computer repair, Shannon is the owner of SD Bytes, on Friars Road in the first strip mall east of Riverdale on the south side of Friars. HIs business is also his man-cave and there's all kinds of cool old computers and typewriters and he kinda has a rockabilly vibe with all his Viva Las Vegas posters from the festival (which is actually going on right now.) He was highly recommended on Nextdoor and is really fair in his pricing. He doesn't charge for diagnostic check, whereas somewhere else I called was $95 just to open it up and see if the port really was broken, which of course would suck if it wasn't the issue. He also checked some drivers for me to see why my camera doesn't work and was able to tell me the camera is broken without charging on top of the other work. So yeah, if you need a guy, he's a good one.  

I updated some of the listings this week so check the post if you still wanna find something to do. Stay safe out there. 

Trends in Hospitalization Rates in Children and Adolescents Aged 5–11 Years Source:CDC

      • Interim Estimates of COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Against COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department or Urgent Care Clinic Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Adults During SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant Predominance — Nine States, June–August 2021
        • These findings reaffirm the high protection of COVID-19 vaccines against moderate and severe COVID-19 resulting in ED, UC, and hospital visits and underscore the importance of full COVID-19 vaccination and continued benefits of COVID-19 vaccination during Delta variant predominance.
      • Effectiveness of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19–Associated Hospitalization — Five Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, United States, February 1–August 6, 2021
        • These findings show that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines remain highly effective for preventing COVID-19–associated hospitalization in this older, racially diverse population of predominantly male U.S. veterans, including during periods of widespread circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant. However, vaccine effectiveness was lower among veterans aged ≥65 years than among those aged 18–64 years. Additional evaluations, particularly among older adults with high prevalences of underlying conditions, are important to assess vaccine effectiveness in these populations. COVID-19 vaccination of all eligible persons is essential to prevent COVID-19–associated hospitalizations.
      • SARS-CoV-2 Transmission to Masked and Unmasked Close Contacts of University Students with COVID-19 — St. Louis, Missouri, January–May 2021
        • Wearing masks and having fewer encounters with persons with COVID-19 reduced the odds of transmission in a university setting. In addition, there was no evidence of secondary transmission from either of the two students with only masked exposure who received positive SARS-CoV-2 test results, and who, because of the modified protocol in place, were allowed to forego quarantine.
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