Monday, October 18, 2021

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Red River Hogs at San Diego Zoo (Taken 10.19.21)

I did my best to limit my media consumption today. Darren and I hung out in the speakeasy last on Sunday night listening to the Douglas Coupland audiobook of Bit Rot and it made for a slow-moving Monday. I still got in an afternoon trip to the San Diego Zoo and I took dozens of photos of the red river hogs because Darren's band is called Groove Pigs and he's been trying to plan for their next digital release, whenever that happens. 

After the Zoo, we grabbed some quick tacos and zipped Nova to derby. She was super excited because today was the first practice with full contact for fully vaccinated players. While there, Darren and I went to the VA hospital to visit my dad and spent most of the time trying to log in his phone to ESPN so he could watch the Bills v Titans game. Eventually he just watched his team lose on my phone, but he was happy to be able to watch nonetheless. He seemed in good spirits, though I know he puts on a certain face when we're there so we don't know the pain he's really suffering. He also talks a lot about the amazing food he's being served. Apparently in hospice, all dietary restrictions are kinda thrown out the window.  

Eventually we were all back home and after watching the finale of Only Murders in The Building, I did eventually watch the news. I was watching some of the coverage on the vaccine mandate walkouts and it occurred to me that if the news covered every event with that amount of attendees, then literally every single sold out show at the Casbah should be on the news. Honestly. A sold out Anti-Flag or Creepy Creeps or Emo Nite at the Casbah has more attendees then that pathetic showing at Balboa Park. Subtract the people who don't even have children affected by the vaccine mandate and you're talking about a couple dozen people. It is absurd that our local and national news gives so much airtime to the whackadoodle fringe. There's actually a goddamn school that is making vaccinated kids quarantine so they don't "shed" vaccine, and the MAGAts are going to conveniently leave out the Colin Powell was severely immunocompromised and no vaccine could 100% protect someone fighting myeloma. For these reasons, I'm keeping the links short today. They don't get any more of my attention. 

Stay safe out there.  

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