Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Hannah Joy of `Middle Kids at Soda Bar (Taken 12.13.18)

I chickened out. 

Or, as Nova kindly said, "it isn't chickening out if you were presented with new information and changed your mind."

I really wanted to go to the Casbah to see Middle Kids, I really did. 

I had procured set times.
We had cut our afternoon visit to the San Diego Zoo short so we'd have time to cook dinner before the show. 
Darren and I laid down ground rules and agreed that we wouldn't drink so as not to remove our masks.
My first article linked today is about low transmission among vaccinated.
I was even dressed and almost ready to go, just finishing up a few things online.

And then I opened an email. 

Someone had tested positive. People are out living their lives so they could've gotten it anywhere but who knows how long it took from contracting COVID to notifying everyone. And we don't have any context of vax status or if they're symptomatic. It just kinda flipped my feelings and I had to make the decision not to go. We're still able to visit my dad in the hospital so I just can't take chances like that. He's in hospice care but I don't need to be the one to kill him. We've already been loosening up as far as eating out and doing more activities that interface with more of the public, but the thought of standing still, inside, with other stationary people kinda gives me a panic attack. 

I'm totally experiencing FOMO and I know I'm missing a ton of amazing shows, but just with the current situation, I'm not ready. Still, I better get to work on listings because I think there are a lot of people who aren't regulars at the VA hospital, who aren't high risk or living among high risk people. For those people, by all means, have all the fun for the rest of us. 

Thanks to everyone who sent kind messages about Kiwi. My meanest cat, Strawberry, seems to be taking the absence especially hard, but I think things are gonna be okay as she adjusts. She is also going to hate us as we put her on a diet because she was eating all of Kiwi's food and gained some pandemic pounds.  

There were some newsy things I wanted to highlight. First of all, another Psaki bomb today as Jen shreds Ted Cruz. Second, Vice has a great story about how Amazon canceled plans to build a warehouse in San Diego because they don't like the County's plans to impose prevailing wage and minimum sick days to employees. This was discussed last week at the meeting and it's just being drawn up and investigated at this point, but it is popular among the Supervisors. Last, Secretary Mayorkas will be reopening the border to non-essential travel, but it will open in two phases- In November it will open only to fully vaccinated people from within North America. In January it will expand to all fully vaccinated foreign nationals. Seems like that might still need some tweaking and we'll probably get more details on Wednesday, including information on children, for example, but you can read the release below. Off to do listings.   

Stay safe out there. 

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