Wednesday, March 09, 2022

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Rhinos (Either Casey & Alice or Holly & Mwezi; Taken 3.8.22)

I guess I was a little premature in announcing Darren's new hiring at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. He still had to go in for an in-person medical evaluation, drug test, and other assessments. Seems like it all went well, though, because they also fitted him for his uniforms. He had to go in early this morning so I got up with him and cruised the park while he was doing his thing. I'm still a little sick, but it was pretty empty and I steered clear of people, wore an N95, and really just needed the fresh air and sunshine. I've got a couple merch gigs this weekend so hopefully I'm all better by then, but I'll still mask up and do another COVID test before just to be certain.

Obviously there's a lot in the news right now, but I hope everyone takes some time for self-care, in whatever that means for you and bringing joy.

Stay safe out there. 

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