Thursday, March 10, 2022

Two Years Of COVID-19 | TSA Mask Mandate Extended | More US Aid Approved For Ukraine In Omnibus Bill | Wordle Variants | Friday: San Diego Zoo WIldlife Explorers Basecamp Grand Opening |

A Peek At Wildlife Explorers Basecamp at San Diego Zoo
Opens to the Public on Friday at 10am (Photo Taken 1.29.22)

I'm both angry and concerned that congress dropped COVID-19 funding out of the omnibus package they passed this week. I'm concerned that with numbers declining locally that County officials will start to roll back testing, too. To me this is a terrible idea. From the beginning of the pandemic through December 1st, the county had experienced a total of 385,396 cases confirmed by PCR testing. By January 29th, that number was 686,003, meaning 300,607 people tested positive in TWO MONTHS. Why does it matter? Because once you've tested positive on a PCR test, the county tells you that you can do antigen/rapid tests, but not to take a PCR test for 90 days because sometimes the virus can linger and still be detected even if it is long dead and no longer replicating. Today is March 10, which means many of those who previously tested positive are eligible or will become eligible to take PCR tests again. We can't pull back on free testing. Meanwhile, across the country, states are already dropping to weekly reporting on cases, so CDC numbers are going to be much less reliable moving forward, and that, I think, is bad for everyone. Potentially waiting for hospitalizations to rise is too late to reinstate simple mitigations. 

I'll keep posting so long as the information is available, though life will certainly get a little more hectic with Darren starting his job next week and things pretty much back to normal at the Casbah. As I mentioned, I'll be doing merch on Friday at Casbah and Soda Bar on Saturday, plus Nova has derby, my parents still demand our help which means multiple trips back and forth to Chula Vista throughout the week, and I'm still trying to keep up my needed time at the San Diego Zoo. Today Darren and I went for a couple hours before having to get Nova to piano, took Ficus to Grape Street, then back home in time to make dinner, and then off to my parents' house. It's a lot, but we're keeping masks on and doing our best to manage. I hope you all are managing, too. It's been a long, exhausting two years. 

Stay safe out there. 

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