Wednesday, March 09, 2022

COVID Positive? Get Therapeutics | Coastal Commission Approves Cap On Short Term Rentals | EPA Reinstates "California Waiver" Allowing State To Set Emissions Standards | Senate Passed Ukraine Aid Bill; Drops COVID Funds |

A Neighborhood Lot Before They Took Out The Trees For Five-Apartment Construction (Taken 1.26.21)

Yesterday, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria announced a 'Bridge To Home' program that will fund 662 new homes across seven locations in San Diego. I was thinking about this as I watched a man setting up his new camp in our alley, and it got me thinking about how much I hate short-term rentals. Because it is all connected. According to this report from 2017, there were over 11,000 short term rentals in San Diego. The Union Tribune places the current number at 12,300. That's why San Diego's short term ordinance rules can't be implemented fast enough, though I'm with Joe LaCava and don't think they should be legalized at all. I'm happy to hear that the California Coastal Commission today voted unanimously in support of the City ordinance to cap STRs. And after I wrote all this, I was pleased to see NBC covered two stories, one on the CCC decision and another on a proposal from Assemblyman Chris Ward to tax house flippers at 25%. Do it all. I'd still love to see a legislative bill for a vacancy tax, too, to tax people who neither live in nor rent out their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th homes that sit empty, usually as some scheme to avoid taxes. 

Besides news-watching, I didn't do a whole lot today. I have absolutely no sign of a cold anymore, so either my favorite cold medicine knocked it out, or going balls to the wall with Bulleit did the trick. Nova had her second lacrosse game today and they lost 18-1 to OLP. Watching Hoover High Lacrosse is a lesson in patience and also educational disparity and inequity, but the girls do the best they can and seem to be having fun learning a new sport. 

Because I had to knock out listings today, I missed out on going to the Zoo, but today I got a media invite to the opening of Wildlife Explorers Basecamp on Friday morning and I'll probably do an afternoon trip on Thursday, too, now that I'm feeling so much better. We'll probably also work in a trip to Sea World over the weekend so Nova can check out the new rollercoaster, Emperor. If you have pets, be warned that Sea World will be doing fireworks on Saturday night to celebrate the opening of the coaster. 

Today was COVID-19 data dump day and there are some things to note: after today, San Diego will no longer be doing general contact tracing/investigating except for seniors 65+ and in congregate settings. Also, there were 75!!! new community outbreaks, including 39 in TK-12 schools, but sure, let's drop all masking. These will no longer get counted since contact tracing/investigations are how they are identified. Last, the case rate for vaccinated + boosted is actually higher than for people who are only vaccinated, but it is important to note that older populations, including those in congregate settings, are most likely to be boosted, so there's a bit of missing context in that data. I did update vaccination information for the county, but I'm gonna just drop it from the CDC and state because it's pretty moot at this point when everyone who wants to be vaccinated can be so. 

Stay safe out there. 

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