Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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Eye Contact with An Orca, Possibly Orkid (Taken 3.28.22)

I told you my posts would be infrequent this week as Nova's on Spring Break and life in general just feels a little bit busier. This week, Sea World San Diego is open until 7pm daily, so we took advantage of the rain on Monday and took our chances at the park and it was pretty incredible because it was so empty. Nova went on Emperor like five times just walking on, then on Manta a bunch, too. Some of the other coasters were "down for maintenance" but it's pretty obvious the park is struggling to hire enough people while also trying to skimp on working staff. On a day with no people, four Coke machines in one single kiosk shouldn't be out of order, but this seems to be happening more and more. 

No matter, we only went for a couple hours and I watched the Orca Experience and then spent some time with the dolphins, with several of them coming to the glass to say hi even with a more permanent rope creating about an 8 foot distance from the glass. Because anything they can charge extra for, they will. They also replaced a fence by the orcas with plexiglass which I'm not super stoked about, but I'm sure people behaving badly were throwing things into the pool or something to necessitate the changes. Our passes expire in June and I don't know if we'll reup, but we'll take advantage while we have them . 

The week ahead is full of stuff: on Wednesday we're going to the Van Gogh Experience for a Van Gogh birthday celebration at the Wyland Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, on Thursday I'll be selling merch for Good Morning (go see them!!) while Darren works security at Casbah for Nebula Drag, and then I'll be doing merch again on Saturday for Bob Mould at the Casbah. Hoping to get some Zoo time in, too, and don't forget to stock up on groceries at your local store before they go on strike, or just plan on hitting Costco, Grocery Outlet, Pancho Villa and other stores not affected by the union talks. 

Be safe out there. 


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