Friday, March 18, 2022

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Darren, Me, and Tim Pyles at Balboa Theatre for Jose Gonzalez (Taken 3.18.22)

I understand that there is no longer a requirement to wear masks in public spaces, but I was kind of shocked to see that more people wear masks at the San Diego Zoo -- which is 95% outdoors but can get crowded in certain areas -- than sitting for 3 hours at an indoor concert for Jose Gonzalez. It actually kinda bummed me out that Darren and I were the only ones in our area wearing them besides the staff and security. I mean, when you watch the little fog machine dance in the air, illuminated by stage lighting, you can literally watch how aerosols move and don't clear, even in a vast space with balconies and a maybe five story high ceiling. Granted, the concert required vaccination or negative test, but as we know, that doesn't mean that nobody in the room is positive. I guess it just means I'm gonna have to watch among ourselves with testing and maybe reconsider some of the events in which I participate. 

It is very much on my brain when we had to drive directly from the concert to go aid my dad in his daily move from the chair back to bed. They have a day nurse and my God-sister covering days and some nights, but we're still going there 3-4 times a week. We ordered our second rounds of COVID-19 tests from USPS, and this time they sent a 5 pack, so we're at least in good shape for a little stockpile for now. I'm actually just a few days away from when the County says I tested positive (even though they didn't actually tell me until nearly two weeks later) so I may start PCR testing again with the County while it's still available. I know we're all getting confident, but there were 860 new cases yesterday, so that is a big jump from the 200-300 we started seeing in the recent declines that were enough to drop all caution. 

It was a busy day. After doing some work, Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours. In that time, I found out the Jose Gonzalez show was earlier than I expected and that Tim Pyles had an extra ticket for Darren. So we raced home after closing, picking up Roberto's on the way, slammed some dinner, fed the pets, changed clothes, and were on our way to the show then my parents'. But now I deserve an adult beverage, even if in real life it's almost closing time. If there's anything I missed in sharing today, I'll make it up in my Friday/Saturday post. 

Stay safe out there. 

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