Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Press Sec Psaki Tests Positive For COVID For 2nd Time | Federal Funding For COVID Runs Out | Republicans Make Asses Of Themselves During SCOTUS Hearings |


Slinging Merch For We Were Promised Jetpacks (Taken 3.22.22)

I'm presently selling merch for a sold out WWPJ show at Casbah and it's surprisingly mellow enough that I can do a little laptopping, though it's a little harder to do listings here, so I'm not sure when I'll get those done. I'll do my best to have them before Wednesday night kicks in. 

Today was a little more chaotic than I anticipated because I wasn't confirmed to work until late in the afternoon and you gotta give an old lady enough time to nap if she's gonna be up working late.

I watched hours of the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and we should all be so embarrassed by some of these *almost always* old white men asking the most fucked up questions and blowing the most obvious Qanon bullshit conspiracy dogwhistles. Yes, Cornyn, we theoretically can vote out legislators when we don't agree with them, but not when they have minority rule and have stacked the cards against voters. It was full on ugliness in a parade of horribles. 

I was also disappointed to hear that Press Secretary Jen Psaki tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. I watch all the press briefings and I don't understand how with a 79 year old president, they don't go above CDC guidance. They should be testing daily. They should be masking in N95s. They shouldn't be meeting in close quarters without anyone who hasn't tested that day. They should have crazy air filtration in the old ass White House. Especially Jen, who has unvaccinated children under 5 who are obviously in preschool or some sort of care situation since their mom is one of the most important people to this administration. We don't expect the White House to act like they're just like us, because they're not. There are at least two reporters in the media pool who are pregnant at the moment, and to be told they're not close contacts after sitting in that briefing room with Jen for nearly an hour, even if masked, should be really concerned and also really pissed that their colleagues don't care enough to wear a fucking mask around them. This is a total failure that didn't need to happen if they just treated COVID-19 like the airborne virus that it is. And now federal funding is dry, so testing and treatments for the common person are no longer covered (though it isn't clear if this is true in San Diego County or the State of California, as our allocations may last a little longer. I'll see what I can find out.)

Be safe out there.  

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