Monday, March 14, 2022

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The Only Thing Offensive About Turning Red Is Their Scary Portrayal of Red Pandas
(Taken 3.2.22)

I guess I could say I had a pretty good weekend. I sold merch for three artists who couldn't be more differend: Lido Pimienta on Friday at the Casbah, Dave Hause on Saturday, and Liza Anne on Sunday, both at Soda Bar. I still enjoy doing merch, but I stay up long after I get home and so my days end up a bit wasted. Like Friday morning, I skipped the media opening of the Wildflife Explorers Basecamp at the San Diego Zoo because I knew I'd get there eventually. That eventually ended up being today and I guess some people are already on spring break, because it was super crowded when we got there around 3:30. We did our usual loop of the regular Zoo then spent about a half hour in the Spineless Marvels section of Basecamp before jumping on the Skyfari and doing the long walk back to the exit. If you're planning on taking small kids: don't try to see everything in one day, bring loads of hand sanitizer and wet wipes, and don't let your kids on the play structures until you're ready for them to spend the rest of their time there. I'll definitely be back at least a couple times this week to see more -- I'm looking forward to seeing the spiders and the tamandua when it's a little more active, plus any other critters they moved into the Basecamp that were not on exhibit before. 

Besides all that, I watched Turning Red today. I felt like I had to after Nova watched it at a sleepover with my nieces and then I read scathing reviews about it from some the White Christian Women Pearl Clutching Society of America (tm) and an old acquaintance from high school. The funny thing was this high school friend was saying how uncomfortable it was -- I'm sure it was because it wasn't centered on a white boy like 95% of kids movies, they weren't Christian, and because it addressed female puberty. It deals with Asian parents, much in the spirit of Joy Luck Club or Crying in H Mart, and the pressure of living up to immigrant parents' standards. Should be relatable but apparently the WCWPCS is all up in arms about it. Fuck them. It was cute. 

BA.2 is spreading. Keep those masks on even if you don't have to. 

Stay safe out there. 

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