Monday, March 07, 2022

CoVID-19:Public Health Experts Pitch 'Next Normal' | WHO Warns Of Sars-CoV-2 In Mammals | Senate (Finally) Passes Anti-Lynching Bill | SDUSD Names New Superintendent Dr. Jackson | San Diego City & County Promote Housing Opportunities |

Jacaranda and Magnolia. The Sleeping Beauties Got New Collars (Taken 3.5.22)

Well, I got the sick. Darren got a cold at some point last week, and even with spending lots of time outside, leaving him home alone to rest while doing stuff with Nova, windows open in the daytime, and the air purifier constantly on in the bedroom, last night I caught my first of the sniffles and then my nose was like a runny faucet. I took a COVID test today just in case, just as Darren had a couple times over the weekend, and it was negative, so I just have to let this have its run on me. I am loading up with fluids, last night I took nighttime Tylenol Cold + Flu and slept an indulgent 15 hours, Darren got me caldo de res from Super Cocina, I've loaded up on my Immune+ gummies, oranges, avocados, bananas, and DayQuil, which all seem to be doing the trick in making me knock this out as quickly as possible, because I already feel better. 

Because I'm kinda just focusing on me today, I'll keep it short and just more of a link share today, but I do want to give a shout out to NBC San Diego for connecting the dots in their gas-price story today: that gas prices were already going up as the economy recovered from the pandemic and demand has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, that the action in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia translate to tighter markets BUT ALSO highlighting that last year, gas companies made record profits and are exploiting any political and economic bumps to their benefit. Popular Info's Jeff Legum really dove in today, too. I would love for any news channel now to look at SAFE/CAFE Rules and where they stand now and the lobbies that have pushed so hard to rescind fuel efficiency standards. 

As for COVID-19 stuff...I'm still posting case data, but I'm taking out daily updates on vaccinations in the national and state sections. I don't think they're super accurate or updated, and at this point everyone has had access to getting shots and boosters and it's just extra time I'd like to start reclaiming for my life. I'll maybe just include it on data-dump Wednesdays.  

Off to sleepy time. Hoping to knock out for at least 12 hours tonight. Tylenol PM, take me away!

Stay safe out there. 

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