Sunday, March 20, 2022

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Polynesian Dancers at Sea World San Diego (Taken 3.19.22)

It's been a mostly great weekend, which is why I never got around to a Friday/Saturday post. Darren worked at the Casbah on Friday for Emo Nite, so I was left to my own devices and binged the rest of Life and Beth on Hulu. I had kinda lost my love for Amy Schumer over the years -- maybe I aged out of the crass sex jokes and constant weight self-depracation -- but during the pandemic we enjoyed watching her cooking show with her husband, and as a married mom she's evolved, and this scripted show feels really personal and definitely has it's laugh out loud moments. 

On Saturday I napped a lot because I'd been up so late and the plumber had turned our water off again for like the 4th time in a few weeks. My sister called and said she had no kids for the day, so we made afternoon plans to go to Sea World for the Seven Seas Food Festival, mostly because I wanted to see the Polynesian dance revue. As it happened, she had free tickets to San Diego Seals La Crosse at Pechanga, so we hit Sea World for a couple hours, watched the show, then zipped over to catch the 2nd half of what was a very exciting and close game that was full of action, some interesting power plays, a fight, and ultimately a win for the home team. 

I ended up staying up late again, but not for any real fun reason. I did watch The Adam Project on Netflix and had a few drinks, but mostly I was keeping an eye on the pets because Ficus was sick and I detected worms on Jacaranda, which is SO.FUCKING.GAG. but fortunately there's an inexpensive over the counter single use pill that comes in a three-pack that I was able to order online at Petco which Darren picked up and administered today. Fingers crossed because, again, GAG. And of course Jacaranda is the lover of the bunch who wants to come and snuggle on the bed in the mornings, so it will be a big full laundry day on Monday. 

Right now I'm at the Music Box selling merch for Bahamas and the opener, Cece Coakley is on right now but the crowd is super loud at the bar. Hopefully it doesn't carry so much to the stage. It's nice though, my merch gigs have been so busy that I don't usually have time to sit on my laptop. I'm looking forward to a full week, hopefully Darren hears from Safari Park, I'll possibly be doing merch for We Were Promised Jetpacks, and a friend wants to go see Geese, so that's a possibility, too. 

I know it's hard to watch this war on the news, the numerous mass shootings over the weekend, so much bad and sad in the world, but life is for living while we can so I hope we all can find the joy around us. 

Stays safe out there. 

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