Sunday, May 02, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Eluvium @ The Casbah Tuesday May 4, 2010

Music is usually categorized in types commonly referred to as genres. While any art form is truly subjective, that reference point can give the listener some idea of what he/she can expect. Eluvium, the alias for Matthew Cooper, plays ambient music, which is as much an idea as a particular style of sound. Some might say this is unconventional, but it is easy listening for the most part.
Eluvium is touring in support of his fifth release, Similes. Each time Cooper brings something new to the table. This time it is vocals and some percussion. He is able to do everything in a soothing and comfortable way, which speaks highly for his creativity level. His overall body of work is very consistent and reflects an artist who is on point within his genre. Opportunity knocks only so often, do yourself the favor and catch Eluvium live this Tuesday at the Casbah. It promises to be an impressive performance.

Benoit Pioulard and D/Wolves set the stage.

Watch a video of The Motion Makes Me Last below.


Tyler said...

Eluvium is amazing. I might just have to rally tonight to see his rare (once every 3-4 years) show in SD. get all his albums, especially his first album. the sounds on his piano are breathtaking.

JME said...

this show was incredible. thank you so much for suggesting it (jeff). rosey, thank you so much for your blog... it is invaluable to me. (and one day, i shall donate... or at least buy you a drink?) :D