Wednesday, May 26, 2010

not so newsy news bits...

I haven't posted newsy bits in a while...I figure you're all up to date via Twitter and Facebook, right? Well, just in case you're not, have your head in the sand, or your work has blocked every social media site, Google, and blog except for sd:dialedin, here are some things you might've missed in the past few weeks. Too bad the really good juicy stuff I have to keep to myself. I hate secrets.

1. Del Mar Racetrack released their concert schedule for the summer. You can always refer to the Del Mar Scene website

7/23: Pinback
7/30: Common Sense
8/6: The B-52s
8/13: The Soft Pack
8/14: Jimmy Cliff & Matisyahu *
8/20: Ozomatli
8/21: Weezer *
8/27: Super Diamond
8/28: Craft Microbrew Festival & Local Music Showcase **
9/3: The English Beat
9/4: ZZ Top *

-This year the Four O'Clock Friday Concerts will be held at the Seaside Stage next to the Seaside Terrace Cabana.
* Saturday Concerts are held at the Infield Stage.
** Local Music Showcase is held in the Infield Pavilion Stage.

The concert is free with track admission. Following the last race, concert prices are $20. Make sure you get there before the last post to save yourself some cash. Concert starts after the races.

2. It's already old news, but the 91X Morning Show got the axe. You can read Mat's blog about it here. Best of luck to him in any future endeavors. At least now I'll probably get to see him at more shows since he doesn't have to wake up at 4 am.

3. There will be no Street Scene this year. Really?? Didn't we all know this last year? Regardless, several news outlets felt obligated to resurrect the issue that kinda feels like kicking a dead horse. So just to reiterate, no Street Scene in 2010.

4. If you missed it, the U-T/SignOnSanDiego put together a great list of free summer concerts. Save it to your bookmarks. Sara also has a list that includes summer festivals.

5. A few weeks ago I wrote about Seth Combs leaving CityBeat. I didn't follow up, but Peter Holslin was named the new music editor and I believe this week's issue is his first at the helm. The online version was being a little wonky, but they reported on the juicy tidbit that Radio Room is being sold to Scot Blair, owner of Small Bar and Hamilton's. All the info is here, but that should certainly make for a helluva beer crawl between Hamilton's, Bluefoot, Toronado, Ritual, Small Bar, Soda Bar, Blind Lady, and now whatever the Radio Room is to become.

6. Finally, 944 Magazine's music issue is coming out and guess what site was named the number one music blog in San Diego? Kinda cool. Check it out here.

Things have certainly been chaotic lately, so if you're missing any features, or there's specific content you'd like to see, please feel free to comment. I have a backlog of photos and videos that I haven't and probably won't post, but if there's something you know I caught that you want to see, just ask. I'll try and get Hockey and Alpha Rev videos up soon, as well as photos from OK Go, Shout Out Louds, et. al.

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