Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Frightened Rabbit and Maps & Atlases at the Casbah, 5.22.10

I just realized just how many shows I haven't written about and I'm really only capable of handling one task at a time, so I'll hammer out what I can before sleep comes calling. I've been to a lot of shows lately and some photos are better than others, but since I actually took the time to title my videos from Frightened Rabbit, that's what you get first.

I had been anticipating this show for a very long time. I followed closely as the band got stuck in London and missed Coachella because of the cloud of volcanic ash that hung over Europe. I also tried to set up a session at Undercarriage, but that didn't work out, so I'll have to be a little more aggressive next time.

We got there early to lock space up front and the band was awesome as always. The show was opened by Our Brother The Native, which had a few too many knobs, pedals and effects for my small brain, and Maps & Atlases who were awesome and are returning to the Casbah in July.

By the time Frightened Rabbit hit the stage, the bar was packed. Scott commented about the Casbah, that the band's first US headlining show was there, and said that no matter how big the band gets, they'd always be happy to return there. Needless to say, there was no need to win over the crowd...the audience was devoted from the first note to last.

And, of course, there's the videos. Below, here's the entire show except the first song ("Skip The Youth"). Click the right or left arrows on the playlist to see all videos.

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