Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alpha Rev at West Coast Tavern

It's kinda scary that I had to actually look at a calendar to make sure this show happened only one week ago because it already feels so long ago. Before I get to Alpha Rev, there's a backstory. I really wanted to get into KPRI's private listener soundcheck for Broken Bells last Tuesday, but the label limited the amount of people to ten. Apparently 5 lucky people (and their guests) won, but at the actual event, only one pair showed up. My friends at the station called me but my stupid cell phone doesn't get reception in my house, so I missed the call. Later when I talked to Oz, he broke my heart about missing the soundcheck, but during our conversation he asked me if I knew of a place that had a built in happy hour crowd for a last minute show on Friday. I suggested True North. They parlayed the message to West Coast, and suddenly there was an Alpha Rev show booked at West Coast Tavern just a few days later.

Of course I went. And of course I filmed. And of course some chick talked into my camera telling me I was in her way. (You can hear her in video 2) I think my post about assholes that annoy me at shows is about due. One in the list is people who sit down then expect that nobody will get in front of them. Anyhow, here's the show (which I really enjoyed). Alpha Rev is from Austin and to me have a very straightforward sound that is perfect for AAA radio; brings to mind bands like Vega 4 or Tonic or Sister Hazel. Easy on the ears, made for singalongs.

West Coast Tavern doesn't traditionally have music, but they made accomodations for the station which was pretty cool, and ended up being the perfect spot for the afternoon session. I have to also say that yesterday there was the big Casbah show at the Birch North Park Theater, and beforehand Tim Pyles and I were treated to dinner. oh.mai.gawd. I'd had the three hummus dips and some fries before, but yesterday we ate and if you're planning a night in North Park, do yourself a favor and try the food.

We sampled several menu items, including the fries (with garlic aioli), mac n cheese ($8), lamb sliders ($8), seared ahi ($11), and the crab cakes ($11), all aided with the "Donkey Punch" ($12) which is kinda like a mule but with Bourbon instead of vodka, served in a copper mug. It was delicious and the small tapas-style servings allowed for sharing (just don't try and take one of Mr. Pyles lamb sliders unless you want to see a grown man cry). West Coast Tavern might not be the kinda place I hang out on a Friday or Saturday night, but it's definitely a spot I'd hit for happy hour or dinner before a show.

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