Monday, May 17, 2010

Videos: Jeremy Messersmith at Lestat's

Remember last week when I said I had fallen in love with the music of Jeremy Messersmith? Well, I went to his show at Lestat's on Thursday night and though there was just a sprinkling of people in the audience, it was an incredible performance by a very talented musician. He had some cool looping and vocal effects that made the performance feel rich and full, but he didn't abuse any of the tools to drown out the fact that he is a solid one man performer, either. You can listen to all three of his albums for free, or purchase them with a "pay what you can" deal. Check it out here. Thanks to Elliott for keeping me company at the show, and thanks to Jeremy for saving me a front row seat to shoot the video. My only regret is walking in a few minutes late and not capturing "Novocain" on video. Turns out it's one of my favorites.

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