Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black Keys Vinyl Giveaway

Last week The Black Keys released their record, simply called "Brothers". I'd tell you how great it is except someone with sticky fingers snaked my copy after I'd only given it one solid listen, (I know who it was and he is gonna be sorry), but the Black Keys are awesome, and since my first listen was over the speakers of the Casbah when the bar was empty, I'd say that I'm definitely a fan of this record and will be giving it some heavy rotation, just as soon as I get it back. But my problems are not your problems, and I've got a special giveaway just for sd:dialed in readers.

Of course, there's a spiel, so here it is. Warner Brothers Records, as an umbrella company, has launched an all vinyl online platform called "Because Sound Matters", where you'll be able to find vinyl from artists on Reprise, Sire, Atlantic, Nonesuch, and many other labels. You see that banner at the top of the site? Click it, explore it, love it. They asked me what vinyl my readers would want and I knew Black Keys was the way to go.

Of course, The Black Keys are touring this summer and the Casbah is presenting their September 25th show at Soma. Tickets are available here.

To enter, send me an email (sddialedin at gmail) with the subject "Black Keys" and a photo of your record collection. I don't care if you have one measly 7" that you got as a promo or a million out of print records, or if you dig out your mom's 45s to claim them as your own. Include your name and phone number and one lucky winner will be contacted next week.

Just for the fun of it, here are some of my Black Keys photos from last year's 94/9 Independence Jam- horrific lighting, tragic photography and all. (side note, this year's Indie Jam is gonna kick ass, so tune in to FM 94/9. I don't know when they're gonna reveal the date or bands, but trust me, you're gonna want to get your tickets as soon as they're available)

Finally, if you missed the group on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, you can see the performance here.

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