Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nada Surf & Telekinesis at the Belly Up, 5.24.10

Nada Surf and Telekinesis performed at the Belly Up last night. The show wasn't sold out, but it appeared that there were a lot of walkups, so it might've come close by showtime. Telekinesis are from Seattle, and it was obvious they were thrilled to be touring with Nada Surf, and clear that they're a big influence on the band who played sweet pop tunes with vocals that reminded me of Derek from Kite Flying Society and Grey Ghosts.

As for Nada Surf, they sealed a great week of music for me personally, as I got to see 3 of my favorite bands in 3 consecutive nights with Frightened Rabbit on Saturday and The National on Sunday. As Telekinesis were finishing their set, I stepped outside and ran into Daniel, bassist of Nada Surf, and we chatted about San Diego, about the lack of good all-ages venues around the country ("I got to see The Ramones when I was 15! That would never happen nowadays!"), about their recent European tour, and that the band had spent 9 days in his family's home in Ibiza which sounded amazing...it's solar powered with 4 foot thick walls, so after playing dates with virtually no sleep, hopping from city to city around Spain and Switzerland, it sounded like quite a break, though they also had fun DJing and experiencing local life. He also told me they had a "secret weapon" for the show, that Doug Hillard of Guided By Voices was playing guitar on the tour. He was so sweet, apologizing that he had to ask my name a second time and gave me double cheek kisses as they do in Spain, and it reconfirmed my love of the band. He left to work out the setlist, and I went in to grab a spot as close to the stage as I could find.

I guess I didn't realize that if i had a hi-fi isn't in stores until June 8th (via the band's label Mardev Records) since I had an advance of the record, but the covers they played were well received by the crowd. There were a couple songs I was bummed they skipped, "I Like What You Say", "88 Windows", and "Inside of Love", to name a few, however since they played with two extra band members, the set deserved to be more rockin and there was no way to leave that show feeling disappointed.

Official video of "Electrocution"

Here are the videos from the show. Shaky at times and sometimes Matthews vocals are drowned out, not to mention the chick in front of me who thought Daniel was looking at her and flipped her hair about 300 times, but they'll have to do for a handheld cybershot. Click the side arrows to see all the videos.

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