Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KPRi + Hornblower + Hockey = San Diego at it's finest

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of KPRI fm and their free summer concerts. Last night kicked off their 2010 season with the Hornblower as they brought Hockey to perform before they head off on an extensive European tour. I shot a lot of video and while it was chilly up on the deck, the music and vibes kept everyone warm for the duration of the nearly one hour set. There was a great turnout and the deck was full throughout the performance as the sky went from baby blue to a deep violet.

The rest of my videos are still uploading, but I posted the bands last song first just because I wanted to show that when I said the crowd was diverse, I meant it. The cruise is a 21+ event, but multiple generations were represented. I especially loved the dancing grandma.

To get your invites to these exclusive concerts, make sure you're a registered Freeq and listen to KPRI for show announcements. Then check your inbox on how to get tickets. By kicking off with Hockey, KPRI is promising another amazing summer with the Hornblower. For the rest of my videos, check my YouTube page. I now have over 1000 videos to explore!!

By the way, people often ask what I use to shoot my videos. These videos were shot with my Sony Cybershot DSC-H20 which shoots in HD. For this specific video, I had the camera directly in front of the speaker (I was wearing earplugs, of course), so you can hear what a great condenser the mic has. And I'm not paid to say so...just after seeing videos on YouTube with the most wretched noise, I'm happy with the cameras I use and the quality of video they deliver, shoddy videography on my part notwithstanding.

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