Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blink 182: New Album, Tour, and Tickets

I know it's supposed to be super cool to hate on local bands that go on to massive success, but that's not my style. I loved Blink in high school (before the 182) and somewhere I still have a few 7" records (which I should totally sell on eBay). I saw the band dozens of times at small shows and big shows and SOMA sidestage and I even met a boyfriend at a show they played at 4th & B. I had a fake ID then, but somehow ended up backstage meeting the members of Neurotic Boy Outsiders (before they dropped the Boy) so I definitely think of those days fondly. In college I moved on to other music, but I still was pretty stoked when they played a Casbah show and 91X hooked me up with tickets. That was somewhere around 1999 (?) and the last time I saw the band live.

Blink-182 had their very public separation/hiatus and their own projects and companies and endorsements and accidents and marriages and breakups and when it all comes down to it, they're a family and they came back together to release Neighborhoods. Blink-182 has a formula to their music and it works for the music they create and if you like everything else they've ever done, you're going to like this one, too. You all know how I love my slow and quiet indie rock these days, so for me their style of music exists in my memory and another time and place, but I can appreciate that they've still loved and beloved by tweens to people my age and older. Neighborhoods is certainly helping me get work done.

They're playing at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater this Thursday night with She Wants Revenge and Matt and Kim as support. I have another show I've committed to, so I'm going to give the tickets to you. Tell me a Blink-182 memory on my Facebook wall if you want tickets and I'll pick a winner by Wednesday. I have hard tickets, so you'll have to be able to come pick them up from me before the show on Thursday.

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