Friday, October 21, 2011

We Are 99%

I've stayed relatively quiet about the Occupy Wall Street movement. While I support the cause and have enjoyed incredible videos and posts (and lost countless hours on Facebook soaking it all in), especially those of Matt Taibbi and some Real Time with Bill Maher clips, there's always the idiot fringe that gets the attention and video coverage and make everyone look like assholes who can't articulate a point. Like the chick who got tear gassed at the Civic Center? Sorry, I watched multiple videos of what happened and I think you're an idiot. But I'm obviously 99%. I appreciate the people fighting the good fight on my behalf and I hope the fight continues and somehow results in real change. Not unlike most people, I'm just trying to get by, day to day, as I type this from the apartment I might lose on the laptop that is my only possession of value with the wifi I am delinquent in paying. This month marked three years from my last "real" job, three years without insurance, three years without a doctor or a dentist, three years without a steady paycheck.

Like all great political movements, Occupy Wall Street is inspiring great art, and today one of my favorite musicians, Jeremy Messersmith, released his own song for the movement.

Blue Sky (Corporations Are People My Friend) by Jeremy Messersmith

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