Friday, October 28, 2011

Sam The Cooking Guy Livecast

Yesterday I told you that I was heading to Sam The Cooking Guy's livecast. Mike and I had such a great time despite arriving awkwardly early. The crew was running around setting up, but Sam and his family and crew were super welcoming. Sitting around during the webcast kinda felt like being invited to the cool kids table at lunch. It's amazing how well they pull off the show in their house and to be honest, they make it look easy though obviously they're a well greased machine. Anyway, I don't think I can embed the show, but you can watch it here. Sam is also amazing to watch in the kitchen and the chili he made was so delicious- and thank goodness we had it since we missed out on the food at Sounddiego Live. Sam definitely has me hooked on the livecast. Be sure to like him on Facebook so you can watch and interact when they broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm.

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