Thursday, October 29, 2020

CoViD-19: US Surpasses 9 Million Cases | San Diego Has 8 New Community Outbreaks | New Music From Matthew Caws, Steve Poltz


Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Taken 1.18.2020 at Casbah San Diego

I know I'm a super bummer, but I can't remember being a fan of Halloween. Maybe it goes back to 4th grade when I was so stoked to be Cyndi Lauper and then my brother's friend Pete Marnick made fun of me, I chased him around to parking lot, and completely ate shit on the blacktop of our school, leaving me in tears and with scars on my legs that still make my hair grow in spirals on my shins. I've never really liked dressing up, for Halloween or any'll never find me cosplaying or at a Ren Faire, either, but we'll probably be hanging around the house so maybe I'll attempt Dia de los Muertos makeup on Nova or something to entertain ourselves. 
I think it's really gross that I've seen screenshots of party invites and it's frustrating that half the news is how we're going to be in this mess until late 2021 and the other half telling us to live our lives like everything is okay. As it is, there have been 7 outbreaks in the past 7 days in grocery stores alone, which means even though we thought we're low-risk shopping with goggles and masks and not meandering but just getting our specific items, it may not be enough, though I guess I'm starting to agree with the KPBS, VOSD, and SDUT lawsuit demanding more information on outbreaks because we don't know if they're among staff or customers, or if one positive person could be counted in multiple outbreaks, like if I'm asymptomatic and positive and go to a grocery store to shop, a restaurant to eat, and a gym to workout, am I counted thrice? (Obviously hypothetical as you could not pay me to go in a gym right now.)
As I've been saying, we're trying to lay low through the election (at least,) so today we watched a nature talk on Bats in San Diego presented by Mission Trails Regional Park. Last night I watched "Someone Has To Die" on Netflix which takes place in Spain but is dubbed in English. It was good, but dark, as it shows the gross treatment of homosexuals circa 1954 under the Franco regime- (not that it was isolated to Spain.) There's also a lot of Spanish racism against Mexicans expressed in the show. There's nothing funny about the subject matter, but we did have to laugh that the overdubbed father that has a heavy Castellano accent where an -s- sounds like -th- so he says things like "My thun (son) ith (is) not omothexsual (homosexual)" 
I'm getting things done early around here because me and Darren deserve some speakeasy time tonight to rock out and have some adult beverages. Try to keep sane out there. 

Matthew Caws of Nada Surf is one of my favorites. Check out this self-directed video:

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