Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day!!! President Joe Biden & Vice-President Kamala Harris Take Their Oaths and Immediately Get To Work: Prez Signs 15 EOs, Senate In Session | CoViD-19: Variants, Vax, County Sets Single Day Local Death Record |

African Penguin at San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.28.2020)
Today is International Penguin Awareness Day

I don't have any fancy pictures of the Capitol and I prefer not using other people's photos, so instead of an Inauguration Day photo, you get a penguin in honor of Penguin Awareness Day. This is not in any way to diminish this historic day. It gave me chills watching the ceremonies and I'm looking forward to seeing what other EOs and legislation comes out in the coming days to attempt to reverse some of the damage done over the last four years, but I have to say the 17 actions today are a pretty great start, and it looks like Bears Ears and ANWR are going to be restored in the upcoming days, too. But if 'bold' is the word being tossed around, we certainly saw some of that today. And I unintentionally caught Marco Rubio on the floor and he is such a complete hypocrite. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth can be factually refuted and his hyperbole of suggesting what 'most Americans want' just shows how clueless he really is. He's up for election in 2022 and it would be amazing if we could get him booted out for good. 

But I don't want that to ruin the day. I don't think this administration is going to be some miracle savior, but it already feels so good not to be thinking about what was left behind from that other guy. Me and Darren are gonna celebrate in the speakeasy tonight, but don't forget the rest of the week will be busy...our COVID numbers are still gnarly, reporting the most single day deaths reported in San Diego yet, and people are so confused about vaccinations it's sad. San Diego county's media briefing will be on Thursday because of the Inauguration, but I'm sure we'll be hearing more about variants, our incredibly high case rate per 100k, and hands up in the air about enforcement because all of the lawsuits are still pending (which they never mention). Meanwhile, it would be nice to see a rollout of a place to register for people who don't have health coverage so we can know when our turns are up and where we can go. If they can notify me of a missing person, they should be able to reach out when I can get my shots, no??

So besides watching all the Inaugural stuff all day, we did a Target pick-up order, and then we ended up swinging by Ross, because while I'd love to not go shopping at all, the 13 year old around here keeps growing and I can't expect her to go barefoot until she can go back to school (ha!). So we were less than 15 minutes in and out, did a quick dip to Big Lots and now we're settled back in and hopefully can stay home for the next few days at least. Testing numbers are really dropping in San Diego, perhaps because people were testing more around the holidays 'to be safe' but now are only doing so when more noticeably symptomatic, but you shouldn't hold back from getting a free test, especially if you're regularly interfacing with the public or have a known exposure. It's the only way we're gonna get control of this monster. Stay safe out there. 

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