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January 14: Fanboy Premieres at South Bay Drive In


FANBOY at South Bay Drive-In
Thursday, January 14
6:15 pm showings - SOLD OUT
8:20 pm showings - BUY TICKETS HERE

South Bay Drive-In
(2170 Coronado Ave. San Diego, CA 92154)

Fanboy is a rock and roll thriller that follows Xenos, a band on tour, and the obsessed superfan who’s following them! 

Filmed in San Diego and featuring mainly San Diego musicians and artists, including several Casbah employees and patrons, Fanboy is written, produced, and directed by longtime Casbah bartender/bar manager/co-owner Ben Johnson, who also plays the title role.

Shot at Casbah, five more venues, and several other locations throughout San Diego, it’s a thrilling crime drama seen through the lens of the underground rock clubs that, before this COVID-19 nonsense, were our homes, and will be again!

For now, there’s Fanboy!

Tickets are $10 per person.  Space is limited to 180 cars and every person in the vehicle must have a ticket. The early screens are sold out, but there's still room for the late show.

PLOT: Xenos is playing their first show of their first tour. The band is composed of three members from previous bands that almost “made it” and Duane (Thomas Kitsos) - the drummer who had the idea, the money, and the means to make the tour happen, but not the talent. When Freddie Proehl (Ben Johnson), Xenos’ biggest fan, comes to see this all-star band show after show, he starts pressuring the members of Xenos to give him a shot on drums. As Duane continues to show he won’t be drumming any better, the others begin to consider it. Fanboy is a story about the lengths people go to for even a slice of fame.

Gates open at 6 and the film will play at 6:30. 

Concession stands and restrooms will be open. Per Covid-19 regulations, please walk directly to and from these facilities, and please wear a mask when using either. When not using these facilities please remain inside your vehicle at all times.

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