Saturday, January 09, 2021

CoViD-19: Cases Rising In Children While Push/Pushback For School Reopenings Spikes | Governor Newsom Budget Asks For Emergency Legislative Action For Relief | Protests Spill To San Diego | ANWR Protected, For Now |

Today is International Eagle Day (Taken 10.20.2020 at San Diego Zoo)

I told you yesterday that I had so much to share, so all of this post was mostly put together last night and I'll do another one today with the rest of the reading and today's COVID-19 data. 
There's so much happening in these chaotic final days of this administration. While we're all focused on the Capitol attempted coup, there are still things slipping through and that still deserve attention. The other day, I was watching a NatHub, and the presenter recommended a film by Patagonia called Public Trust about how the exiting administration did everything in their power to sell off and privatize public lands. It mainly focused on Bears Ears National Park and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I've embedded the full movie at the end of this post because everyone should see it. (It was released in September 2020, but sometimes I, too, miss these kinds of things.) It was funny that is was the same day that a person in my extended family was posting about how horrible the next administration is going to be for the country, and it made me want to scream. We can only hope some of the damage is reversible. All this because on the same day of the insurrection, the US Government covertly auctioned off energy leases in ANWR. The energy giants didn't bite, probably because they know they will be in litigation and don't want the bad press while they're casually raising gas prices (my gas station went up 6 cents/gallon overnight, up 25 cents in the past month. 
I also kinda watched some stuff about the California budget, so those notes and links are below, and there's a lot of push and pushback on school reopenings, while there's still some fantasy that kids will get back to school this school year. As it stands, CA schools may not reopen until cases are under 28/100k residents. San Diego sits at 53.4 cases per 100k. Additionally, research out of the UK on the B.1.1.7. variant is not looking good, suggesting that it is 43% more transmissible amongst children (0-9), while the Pfizer vaccine is only recommended for people 16+. And let's not forget that locally, we have barely tested kids at all since March, only picking it up in the more recent months when reopenings were on the table and cases were still under 10 per 100k, so the "kids don't get it" theory just doesn't hold a lot of water. Anyway, I'm fired up today but we loaded up on produce so despite my Santa Ana allergies kicking up into high gear, I feel really good and clean from loading up on fruits and salads. Stay safe out there. I'll be back later with all of today's data and reading. 

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