Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Animal Collective- Peacebone

this is for the guy who wrote the "searching for hipster" ad on craigs list. i started out on craigs list looking for jobs, but it was waaaay more interesting reading personal ads.

of course, now in my backcheck, i see this was already posted on 'gum, but whatever. it's late at night, i'm hitting a shitload of sites tonight.

in fact, i just finished watching full episodes of one of my favorite new shows (now in its 2nd season), My Boys, that appears on Monday nights on TBS. I missed the last couple episodes, and the annoying fact that each show is broken into four parts is forgivable when you realize there's a "panic" button at the top of the site page, so if you're watching at work, when you hit it, a faux excel spreadsheet pops onto your screen.

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