Monday, August 20, 2007

Apartment For Rent: Kensington 2br/1ba $1400 (repost)

I'm reposting this because my landlord is only gonna be around the next couple days then head back up to LA, so if you have any interest in checking out this apartment, I recommend calling soon.
After almost 7 years of this apartment being used maybe one month out of the year, my landlord has finally decided to rent her 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in Kensington, right in the main section on Adams Avenue.

Rent is $1400 and the apartment will be partially furnished (though eventually arrangements coule be made to get the stuff outta there if you so desired.) The apartment will be available as early as September 1st.

There is off street parking. You would live above two businesses so noise isn't really an issue. There is onsite washer and dryer that you would share with the other two neighbors.

There is a shared yard and patio and your apartment has a little deck that gets a nice breeze in the afternoon.

When it is too hot, this mondo air conditioner is yours (though it keeps me up all day everyday when people are staying there)

This is a private rental, so you deal with the landlord direct and there's no management company to deal with. If you're interested, call Joyce at 909.331.2144. Tell her Rosey told ya about it cuz she's offered me a finders fee, and you know a cut in rent would be nice during my job hunt. And mostly because I'd rather have neighbors that I know and like than some randoms further yuppifying this neighborhood.

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