Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Been A Long Day: mTraks & Warped Tour

I went to Coors Amphitheatre this morning at 11 am to distribute flyers for mTraks, and online music site based in San Diego. Passing out flyers is an experience in and of itself. I have a lot of thoughts about it all in the realm of "group think", but as I was leaving, I passed Mr. Tim Pyles who told me he might be able to get me a ticket if I wanted one. By the time I walked around the exterior of the parking lot back to my car, Tim called and told me to come back and meet him.

I had not planned to spend the whole day at Warped Tour, but that's what happened. It was a fun day and there were tons of highlights. We had Marquee Club VIP wristbands and Warped Tour VIP wristbands, so we wandered around watching bands, many of them from onstage or backstage. Pretty cool considering I thought I'd do my "shift" for mTraks and bail. Tim was kind enough to let me be his sidekick for the duration but I finally had to go...I mean, I have plans tonight, ya know?

It's just funny to my how when you least expect it cool things happen. I'm hoping tomorrow will work itself out, but its just funny how if you hope or want or expect something, it usually disappoints. When you expect nothing, doors just open up. Thanks to Tim for everything. Check back later for all my onstage and backstage photos later, but for now, Rosemary needs some sleepy time to get ready for the night ahead.

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