Wednesday, August 15, 2007

San Diego Music Foundation Free Seminar This Saturday

The San Diego Music Foundation are offering another informative and FREE seminar (and free beer!). I'm not even in a band and find these sessions very interesting. Last time we stuck around for dinner at the Red Fox, so I recommend making a day of it and coming out to meet the people behind radio, labels, and the music in this town.

Saturday, August 18, 2007- Music Industry 101: Label Deals: Be Careful What You Wish For

As major record labels are consolidating at a record pace to accommodate rapidly diminishing sales figures and a seemingly broken business model, many artists are questioning whether a record contract is as important as it once was. This collection of top level artists, managers and label executives will address artist concerns and take an up close look at the current label landscape and alternatives to the record label game.

Panelists include Pete Giberga (Epic Records), Pall Jenkins (Blackheart Procession), Eric Howarth (M-Theory Music), Neils Schroeder (Surfdog Records), Brian Karsicg (Louie XIV- replacing
Steve Poltz, who is on tour)

This workshop will be followed by a complimentary Karl Strauss Beer mixer (until 4:30pm)

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Natalie said...

complimentary beer mixer? i might have to take a break from doing work for my real job to hit this up...