Thursday, August 30, 2007

California In A Stage 1 Energy Alert

California is in a stage one energy alert... no rolling blackouts until we hit stage 3, but they're asking for people with A/C to set the thermostat to 78 degrees. 78! haha. I'm pretty sure the landlord in front of me has her's set somewhere around 60 degrees. Even when she's not home. I have a kitchen overhead fan and a floor fan and I'd turn them off if I didn't have 4 pets who deserve to live in a household under 90 degrees. It's been hot. I prefer to stay up till the sun rises, then sleep when it's uber hot outside. If you happen to come to my house, don't mind the pet hair on my floor. I will vacuum when the energy crisis ends. Don't even ask about my laundry. Just glad I'm not any where else in the country because every other place sucks even worse than here. Yeah, Vegas, how's that 120 workin out? New York humidity? Awe. some. I don't pay sunshine tax for nuthin, but I'm kinda longing for Christmas-time when all I have to complain about is too much fog and wondering which hoodie I should wear. Yeah, global warming, what???

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