Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday Recap: Wilco (kinda)

Actually, this isn't really a post about Wilco. It's more of a defense as to why I was sooo outta my mind b.o.r.e.d. at the Wilco show. If you were at the show and had an "amazing" night, I'd love to know what I was missing, but I was bored and didn't stay for the whole show. I know a lot of it was my fault, so here's how my night went.

I hadn't had any food all day, so I decided to walk over to Ponce's before the show for some dinner. Paloma was working the bar and I made the mistake of letting her make the call on what I was gonna drink. She made me her unnamed specialty. It was almost a marg, but had more oj and I think maybe some malibu or something in it. A girlie drink that after I finished my second, I started calling "the sneaker" because even with a full Ponce's meal, I was feelin it. I met some guys who were also going to the show while sitting at the bar and even saw Owen and his friend there. I was feeling good and excited, and I was already planning on taking the bus to the show, so what the hell...I finished with a Dos Equis and a shot of Cazadores.
While walking to the bus, I saw Todd at the Ken Club. Uh, yeah, I hung out there for a while (*ahem*) then finally caught the MTS to SDSU. When I got to the venue, I ran into Rodger and Sarah and others in the front of the beer line and they kindly got me one then I headed to my seat.
I had sold my second seat, so I was surrounded by strangers which wasn't really a fun way to experience a big show. Plus, after being backstage at Warped and in the VIP and photopit for SCMX, plus my general preference for the Casbah, Beauty Bar and other small stage shows, I felt sooo far away from the action. Tweedy was great, the band sounded great, but it felt too perfect in a way. Like what I heard onstage was exactly what I was listening to on my iPod on my busride over.
I was unsuccessful at finding someone willing to drive me home, so I started getting panicky that I was gonna miss the last bus through Kensington, so I left sometime before 10. In my head I intended to get to the Kava Lounge for the Gogol Bordello after party, but instead stayed on the bus until Normal Heights and headed to the Ould Sod (fate or accidently missed my stop?). My friend/neighbor came and met me at the bar for a drink and drove me home. We hung out for a while and after he left, I grabbed a blanket and laid on my lawn until 4 in the morning checking out the amazing lunar eclipse.

So yeah, I was bored, but I won't hold it against Tweedy. In this case, it wasn't him, it was me.

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adamg said...

Althought it was the least unique Wilco show I've seen, it sounded fantastic. Maybe too good but on such a purdy night with my gurl (her 1st time seeing them and she's wanted to for forever), it was more than good enough for me.