Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Recap: A/C Lounge

Admittedly, this little break from work hasn't exactly resulted in the healthiest of living. My apartment has been so hot that it's been easier to sleep away the hottest parts of the day and do my living, my going out, and my internetting through the night. With each day, I've been staying up well past sunrise, then conking out when the heat gets to be too much only to wake up in time to go back out. That said, man, has it been fun. I guess I shall recap the weekend of photos and document where the nights have been taking me...

Friday night was my friend Khary's birthday party with his friend Goldie, who he's known forever and ever. They decided to rent the VIP corner of the A/C Lounge, complete with bottle service. I'm definitely not the kinda person that digs on the dance/club scene, but for what it was, it was definitely a fun night. Junior Tha Discopunk was spinning and had the elbow to elbow club dancing all night long and at least 5 people in our party commented on how much they liked his mix and variety of music.

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I didn't expect to stay as late as I did, but it's easy to lose track of time among good friends. Eventually though, it got really crowded in the bar, friends of friends of friends helped themselves into the VIP corner, and it was time for me to call it a night. I knew I'd missed Di Nigunim at Scolari's and The Spits at The Pink Elephant, so I headed back to the Ken Club.

Sandra and Scooter were there, so we finished the night at the bar, then Scooter crashed at my pad so he didn't have to drive home. I don't have a couch, so I let him take the bed while I stayed up til 7 in the morning watching movies and reading news on the web. I hadn't intended to stay up so late, insomnia just works that way sometimes, so I completely forgot about my plans to go to the Lafayette Hotel for the Music 101 series. Ooops. I'll be there next time for sure. Still can't complain about the start to my weekend.

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