Saturday, August 11, 2007

Overdue Newsy Bits: Switchfoot Goes Independent, SDMA, Viejas

I know I haven't posted any Newsy Bits in a while, but all you music types keep telling me shit that is NFB (not for blogging) and I'm over here trying to do my thing, all the while keeping all your little dirty secrets. no fun. boo.

Anyway, there are a couple noteworthy things happening around town that I thought I'd mention.

First, Jon Foreman announced on Thursday that Switchfoot and Sony have parted ways and will now be releasing their music, as well as his solo stuff independently.

greetings everybody!

I've got some exciting news: after several years of trying to make
things work over at Columbia we have officially severed our ties with
sony to pursue making music independently. We are thankful for the
incredible success that our partnership has produced over the years,
yet within this ever changing business there can arise differences in
vision and goals. These differences have now come to a point where we
feel like parting ways would be best for us, and best for sony.

As a hands-on band, we feel so grateful for our newfound freedom. We
are continually dreaming up ways to bridge the gap between the
audience and the stage; this feels like an incredible step in that
direction. A huge thank you to bob, amy, nicole and tim over at
columbia who were there from the beginning. We would also like to
thank our musical family here in the states and abroad for sticking
with us through these columbia years. We couldn't have done it
without you!

We'll have more information for you as things shape up. In the
meantime, here are several projects already in the works for the next

-four jon foreman solo ep's
(tentatively titled fall, winter, spring, and summer)
-the real sean jon
(a collaboration between jon foreman and sean watkins of nickel creek fame)
-a new switchfoot record in '08
(the first tracks 13 tracks were cut this week!)
For tour dates and more information, check out Switchfoot's blog here.
I didn't previously mention that the nominees for this year's San Diego Music Awards have been released this week and are now open for public voting. I bullied my way into getting a ballot and I'm pleased to see several of my nominees made the cut (even if for different categories than I chose) and I only didn't mention it earlier because certain people get so batty apeshit pissy about the nominees year after year. Here's the's not always fair, a lot of people get left out, and bands fall into categories you may not like. Get over it. 90% of those CDs you send in sit unopened in Kevin Hellman's home office. Such is life. Bitch bitch, whine whine. People who say they care about local music would do a better service to the community by actually going out to see local bands every once in a while, contributing something instead of always taking. Anyway, end of rant...go vote for the SDMA's here.
If you've got an open Sunday evening, consider heading out to Viejas Casino to show some love as local favorites Cash's Out and Lady Dottie and the Diamonds compete for $20,000 in the best cover band competition being held. Tomorrow night are the finals and both are deserving bands, but I'd have to show my love to Lady Dottie for all those Monday nights they've gotten me through at the Tower Bar. The contest finals are at 8 in the Dreamcatcher Showroom.
that's all the news I can post here, the rest I'll have to keep mum on till I'm given the ok to blab about it all. ciao for now.

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