Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ryan Ferguson "Only Trying To Help" out today

"Ryan Ferguson (formerly of No Knife) releases his debut solo full-length on August 21, 2007. "Only Trying To Help" crafts unique sounds complemented by swirling six-strings and double tracked harmonies, all fused with his signature bombastic electric guitar. The effect is breathtaking as he wrings every last bit of melody out of each song."

Obviously I didn't write that, but I've had the album in my little hands for about a month now and it is so good and getting a lot of spins en mi casa. You can stream the entire album now on Virb. Also, catch Ryan at M-Theory on Sunday at 3 pm.

Oh, and there's this other Ryan Ferguson who was convicted of murder and there's this whole online community who claim he was wrongly convicted. Yeah. This is not that Ryan. Obviously.

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