Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hosted Bar: Buzz Clothing Warehouse This Thursday

I try not to post straight press releases, but this one has the magic words: "Hosted Bar".

San Diego, CA : On Thursday, August 16th, Buzz Clothing Warehouse plays host to a live music experience that combines talented dancers, emerging music artists, and renown DJ's from 8 p.m. to midnight at 630 10th Avenue in San Diego's burgeoning Downtown East Village .

The event launches "The Go Go Academy," an ensemble that celebrates women empowerment and supports the next wave of legendary music icons. Engaging fans with their hypnotic moves, energetic shows, battles, freestyle sessions, and rock and roll attitude, The Go Go Academy creates a fun-loving vibe and show of their own.

In their first exclusive event, The Go Go Academy welcomes a performance by Los Angeles recording artist, Shwayze.

Shwayze, also known as Aaron Smith, reveals that his moniker comes from a childhood nickname. "They call me Shwayze / kind of like Patrick," he says in one of his songs. He chose the stage name because of his affinity for the famous actor, and particularly the way in which Swayze's character in "Road House" is always calm and collected.

Hailing from Malibu, the 21-year-old has toured with the likes of Mickey Avalon, Nikka Costa, and Whitestarr of VH1's reality television show, "The Rock Life." Coincidentally, it was a chance meeting at a party that brought Whitestarr vocalist Cisco Adler and Shwayze together. Adler is currently producing his entire full length album and occasionally makes onstage appearances with the rapper as well.

Shwayze claims his unique blend of rap and hip-hop is a representation of his lifestyle. You'll never find him spitting lyrics about a gangsta lifestyle. Speaking earlier this year to US business magazine, the OC Metro, he points out: "I'm from Malibu, not from South Central."

It is that raw energy, sincerity, and confidence that helped him garner a record deal with Suretone Records in November 2006. The label, started by former Flip Records guru Jordan Schur, is also home to Angels & Airwaves, New Found Glory, and Weezer.

Buzz Clothing Warehouse is located on the cross streets of 10th and Market. Enjoy a hosted bar all evening. Along with Shwayze, Los Angeles club DJ Skeet Skeet joins him on stage on the turntables.

This event is 21+ up and early arrival is recommended. For information on the event, visit myspace.com/thegogoacademy. To RSVP, please e-mail



catdirt said...

unique blend of "rap" AND "hip hop" that has never been done!!! can't wait...

Margot Blackshort said...

yeah, yeah...probably the worse press release written under five minutes. free booze though.