Friday, November 19, 2010

Introductions/ The Queen's Guard, Oh No Oh My, Pomegranates @ Casbah- 11.17.10

First off, let me introduce myself as the newest member of SD Dialed In. Hi there. Nate Vandermeulen- pleased to meet you. I've been bouncing around San Diego for the past eight+ years and actively combine two of my biggest loves in the form of concert photography, though only for my own record until now.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosey recently after frequenting this fine site for some time and would like to thank her for inviting me to contribute my humble offerings to an established, well respected music blog. I look forward to keeping my finger on the pulse of SD's live music scene and sharing what I can. If you see me in my stupid glasses with a camera glued to my face at a show, feel free to say hell0 (or tell me to get the hell out of the way as the situation warrants).

All off that taken care of, here we go...

This past Wednesday at the Casbah, San Diego rockers The Queen's Guard warmed up the stage for Austin- based Oh No Oh My and Cincinnati- based Pomegranates. All three bands were playing in promotion of recently- or soon-to-be released albums which are very much worth checking out.

The Queen's Guard:

Oh No Oh My:


Check out more from the evening here and the rest of my concert photography here.

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