Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: The Greenhornes @ The Casbah December 5, 2010

After taking a prolonged hiatus as a band, Cincinnati based rockers The Greenhornes have reunited with a new LP and promotional tour. It is not as if founding members Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler left the music industry. Quite the contrary, since they became prominent members of the short lived indie group The Raconteurs. In fact, Lawrence actually toured with Jack White's newest project, The Dead Weather. Since the former band has dissolved, it was time to join vocalist and original member Craig Fox in the studio to record their fourth full length, Four Stars (****). This album is definitely worth a listen as the trio comprising the current band has gone more indie, while not totally abandoning their garage roots. It is an impressive release, to say the least. Seeing these well travelled veterans in the intimacy of The Casbah should prove to be quite a treat.

Hacienda, The Sea of Cortez, and Low Volts set the stage.

Watch a video of There is An End featuring Holly Golightly below.

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